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The Yakovlev Yak-52 first flew in 1976. Designed originally as a primary trainer for student who would later transition to Soviet jet aircraft, the aerobatics-capable (+7 g, -5 g) Yak-52 is now often seen in the hands of sport flying enthusiasts from the United States to New Zealand. The Yak 52TW is a tailwheel derivative of the Yak-52 aerobatic trainer that convey the classic warbird look. Yak-52TWs are powered by the M-14PF-XDK, a nine cylinder, supercharged radial engine rated at 400 horsepower. At 2,200 pound empty weight, the airplane is quite light and agile with a fast roll rate. With a maximum speed of 260 mph with that wonderful radial engine sound, the Yak-52TW is a real crowd pleaser. Jimmy’s beautiful Yak-52TW was imported into the US from Romania, where it was built in 2004 in the same factory and fixtures as its soviet predecessors.


Powerplant: Vedenyev M-14PF-XDK

Propeller: MT German 3 Blade Aerobatic Constant Speed

Empty Weight: 2200 lbs

Gross Weight:  Aerobatic / 2877 lbs

Normal Cruise: 150 mph

Max Speed: 223 mph

Max "G": +7/ -5 Gs

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